• Neuro exam zine
  • Neuro exam zine

If you're secretly a bit confused during your neuro exam, and not sure what to make of that lost reflex or weak muscle: this zine will help!

You can print and fold the zine yourself, or just read it on your phone/laptop.

What's in it?

You'll learn about

- Screening & stewarding: upper motor neuron signs, gait dusturbance, and the "3 P's"

- Diagnosing and classifying: The four diagnostic 'buckets' and the classic radiculopathy patterns

- Reassuring and educating: How the neuro exam can be therapeutic

And you'll learn how to:

- Test sensation: from cotton bud to pinprick

- Test strength: can you trust the myotomes?

- Test reflexes: from Babinski's sign to hyper-reflexia.

"What's a zine???" See the FAQ below :)

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According to Wikipedia:

"A zine (short for magazine) is a small-circulation self-published work of texts and images, usually reproduced via a copy machine. Zines are the product of either a single person or of a very small group."

So basically a kind of DIY magazine/comic book thing.

This zine arrives as a pdf, with instructions for folding and self-assembly.

Alternatively, it's just as good to read the pdf on your phone, ipad or laptop, as you would an ebook.

That depends on who you are:

Beginner MSK clinicians & students: Yes, this is for you. You should find this very useful & fun - it gives you the basics and a bit beyond, within a memorable framework, plus some important clinical nuance.

Intermediate MSK clinicians: Yes, this is for you. You should find this a useful and entertaining refresher, get some clarity on certain tricky concepts and pick up some new tips.

Advanced MSK clinicians & spine mega-geeks: This is not for you. You will probably be familiar with most of the info. That said, you might find the way it's presented entertaining and some of the concepts should be useful for teaching others.