• Differential Diagnosis of Radicular Pain Zine
  • Differential Diagnosis of Radicular Pain Zine
  • Differential Diagnosis of Radicular Pain Zine

A useful and entertaining zine to print and fold yourself, or read on your device.

The zine covers differentials around the hip (hip joint, GTPS, deep gluteal syndrome, SIJ and bony pelvic pathology) and differentials of the peripheral nerves (sciatic neuropathy, common peroneal neuropathy, meralgia paraesthetica).

It also discusses some key principles of assessment.

"Is this for me?"

That depends on who you are:

Early-career MSK clinicians and keen students: You should find this very useful & fun - it gives you the basics and a bit beyond, within a memorable framework, plus some important clinical nuance.

Mid-career MSK clinicians: You should find this a useful and entertaining refresher, get some clarity on certain tricky concepts and pick up some new tips.

Advanced MSK clinicians & spine geeks: You will likely find you're familiar with the info, although you might find the zine useful for teaching others.

"Um, what's a zine?"

According to Wikipedia:

"A zine (short for magazine) is a small-circulation self-published work of texts and images, usually reproduced via a copy machine. Zines are the product of either a single person or of a very small group."

So basically a kind of DIY magazine/comic book thing.

This zine arrives as a pdf, with instructions for folding and self-assembly.

If you have a duplex (auto double-sided) printer, this is very easy indeed. If you have a single-sided printer, a little bit more effort is required as you will have to print half of it then reinsert the paper.

Alternatively, it's just as good to read the pdf on your phone, ipad or laptop.

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